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  January 12, 2024


What a Merry Christmas!!


There is nothing like warm food and new clothes...


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  OCTOBER 26, 2023


150 souls saved!!!!


We had a great crusade in Nsanje! Pray for the leadership and upkeep there.


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  September 7, 2023


A focus on discipleship!!!


One of the hardest things about discipleship is confrontation.


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  August 4, 2023


We have a new church!!!


Never underestimate what God can do! A willing heart makes all the difference.... and young men with hearts on fire for the Lord doesn't hurt...


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  JUNE 3, 2023


So many wonderful things are happening!


Four outreach trips, new ministries growing, and cyclone disaster relief went great!


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  APRIL 13, 2023


February and March were full of beauty and tragedy.


Lots of evangelism happened in Machinjiri, as well as a hands-on evangelism training trip in Sochi.


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  JANUARY 31, 2023


January was full of planning, cross-checking, and reviewing.


But, it was also full of ministry on the ground. Always do keep Navincha in your prayers. He travels a lot and handles a lot of things for the ministry.


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  DECEMBER 31, 2022


We are so excited to see Mack's house is done!!!


Thank you for all who supported this project through prayer! Be sure to check out the pictures below... Not every testimony has a picture to go with it, but below you will see a picture showing the back of Mack's old house and the back of Mack's new house.


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  DECEMBER 1, 2022


One of our leaders from Thekerani met Navitcha for five days of outreach in a place called Sandama.


Following that, Navincha went for a week into Nsanje, a new district for our ministry, to a village area called Fatima for more outreach. People in both places were very receptive and appreciative to hear the Truth of the Gospel.


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  NOVEMBER 2, 2022


Our church in Thekerani was able to have an overnight prayer vigil, while preaching and encouraging.


We were so glad to see them organize and carry this out successfully on their own! We are hoping to see other churches do the same thing in the very near future.


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  OCTOBER 3, 2022


The leadership conference went on very well. 


Thank you so much for all who prayed for the conference. Lives were truly changed! All of the men that were involved, including many of our strong youth boys, were so excited about the things that they learned. The men returned home feeling much more equipped to preach and handle the churches that they are responsible for.


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  SEPTEMBER 1, 2022


We are so thankful that our church building in Thekerani is finished!


The church there continues to grow and they are all very excited about it. Pray that funds for benches or simple chairs will come so that they do not all have to sit on the floor, or that we do not have to rent chairs from the local school for larger activities.


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  JULY 31, 2022


Despite how busy Navitcha is, we are very encouraged at the faithfulness in Machinjiri. 


The Bible study group still meets at his house, even when he is out doing ministry things. Please continue to pray for him.... that God would bless his faithfulness and that he would not grow weary.


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  JULY 1, 2022


The last weekend in June our third church was planted in Goliat. 


There were twelve adults in attendance, and four of them were men! We have a man, Mr. Mlotho, willing to take leadership responsibilities, but is nervous, as he knows he is a baby believer.


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  JUNE 1, 2022


We are trying to get Gloria, our blind girl in Thekerani, into a school.


So far, we have taken her to two schools for the blind, and so far, nothing promising. Please pray with us that a door will open for her to learn and grow in the ways she desires most.


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  May 4, 2022


In Thekerani, we are pleased to see that the church is growing.


Navitcha has been faithfully going and ministering to the church there.


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  FEBRUARY 24, 2022


Everything in the ministry is going on well.


We would very much appreciate your prayers as two more church plantings will be happening with Navitcha and some of the faithful brothers and sisters from Bvumbwe.


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  JANUARY 13, 2022


Happy New Year! Happy new beginnings! Happy ends to wrong things! Joyous Blessings!


We are looking forward to see what all our Creator has created for us this year..... opportunities, challenges, growth, blessings, seasons, and miracles.


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  AUGUST 13, 2021


It is very nice to be back in America, reunited with loved ones after two very life- changing years.


Sadly, Limbani could not come with us as the embassy was closed due to Covid. Still, we hope and pray that God will make a way for him to join us here soon.


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  JUNE 18, 2021


We are so blessed to see the Lord working continuously.


School is back in session, and we were able to see our friend Chisomo go back to school with eager anticipation to learn, school fees, and a Bible. We are still so glad he is getting the opportunity to be well educated.


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  MAY 11, 2021


We are praying that you all had a great Mother's Day. 


It is such a wonderful day to reflect on devoted love! Limbani and I have been thinking a lot lately about love and how it is the principle of life. It is such an important character to exhibit because it is the very essence of God Himself.


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  APRIL 7, 2021


We are very pleased to announce our recent blessing.


On February 26, 2021, we were blessed with a son, Benaiah Chikhulupiriro Lumeta. He remains healthy and a pleasure in our house. The experience is more than I could ever imagine. 


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  FEBRUARY 18, 2021


We waited for the holidays to come to an end before we sent our pastor friend, Mr. Navitcha, to the church in Thekerani, Thyolo.


We trust him and, as the village is his home village, we know he will not mislead the people.


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  JANUARY 6, 2021


December was a very big and busy month.


Many things happened in the different areas of ministry, and while Christmas added some busyness, the ministry kept going strong!


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  NOVEMBER 30, 2020


November has been a month full of changes and growth.


In the very end of October Limbani and I moved to the outskirts of Blantyre city in the Southern region of Malawi. Here we have access to nearby villages and just a couple hour's drive will take us to the very rural villages on the border of Mozambique.


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  OCTOBER 24, 2020


A New Ministry


I finally see God leading me in the direction of my heart.... village missions


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