Disaster Relief

Malawi has been facing an increasing hunger issue. As a ministry, we seek to address this issue by not only carrying the Gospel to these places, but by educating the people in farming techniques, and holding distributions when severe hunger and disasters happen.

Why Hunger?


Difficulty accessing fertilizer





Farming Techniques

No crop rotation


No irrigation


Reliance on one major crop

Government Corruption

Foreign aid failing to get to the public


No direct aid from the government

Climate Change

Increase in droughts


Increase in hurricanes 

(Crops wash away or rot)

Effects of Hunger

20% of Malawians live in a chronic acute state of food insecurity

Another 60% of Malawians face an average level of food insecurity annually

46% of children under the age of 5 are malnourished

Over 10% of the population is born with a birth defect, often likely the result of the mother's malnutrition during pregnancy  

Cyclone Relief 2023