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The hands and feet of God here on earth.... we have the ability to make a lasting difference.

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When you choose to take part in any of the projects in the ministry, you must be assured you are truly taking part in the work of God. Thank you for your partnership.

Ongoing Costs


Church Planting in Malawi

Ongoing Costs


Church Planting in Mozambique

 Goal: $20 / month


Sponshorship of an orphan or widow

Goal: $ / Month 

Depends on individual student fees

Sponsoring Students

Raised: $0/ Goal: $200


Food and Clothing Distribution

Raised: $0 / Goal: $40,000

This would include making a bore hole.


Building an Orphanage 

Ongoing Costs


Evangelistic Outreach Trips

Ongoing Costs


Training and Empowering Youth

Raised: $0 / Goal: $700


Pastoral and Leadership Training

Raised: $0/ Goal: $50,000


Establishing an Affordable Preschool/ Elementary for Underprivileged Children

 Goal: $50/ seminar 


Farming and Personal Hygiene Education Seminars

Raised: $0 / Goal: $3,000


Purchasing Livestock to Alleviate Farmers in Rural Malawi

Raised: $0/ Goal: $500


Bible Distributions

 Ongoing Costs


Prison Visitations

Raised: $0 / Goal: $20,000


Church Properties and Buildings



Become a proud partner

Our ministry really appreciates partners. Those who are willing and have the desire to help those in need. If you are a prayer warrior and ready to change the world for the better, or if you would like to take part in some sponsorship or projects, we look forward to hearing from you!